Elevator Maintenance

Providing your elevator or escalators with the right preventative maintenance is the best way to keep a surprise malfunction from happening with your equipment. There will come a time in your elevator’s or escalator’s life where it will need to be modernized and upgraded. Modernization is expensive, but when provided with the correct maintenance and advice from our experienced mechanics, we guarantee you’ll be prepared, not surprised, when that time comes.

Elevator Repair

The constant day to day activity of elevators puts extreme wear and tear on the equipment. There will be a time where a part or system has to be repaired or replaced entirely. Repairs come in all sizes. Some are large and require lots of man and machine power while others are quick and seamless, never even impacting the flow of traffic in your building. With the customer in mind, we always attempt to find the most non-invasive way to resolve the problem. Our technicians are ready to step up and take responsibility for the best solution.

Elevator Modernization

When your elevator or escalator reaches 25+ years old, it is either at the end of its lifespan, or needs modernization to extend its lifespan. These upgrades are a necessity for all elevators and escalators. We have qualified mechanics that will keep you updated on the status of your elevator or escalator, so you can plan for the necessary budget. If you would like to see if your equipment is in need of a modernization schedule an appointment, we offer a free inspection, and we will come out to meet with you and discuss your options.



Smart Elevators is a full service elevator and escalator maintenance and repair company. Independently owned and operated, it is a company engineered “not to be the biggest, but to be the best.” Located in Willowbrook, IL, Smart Elevators serves the entire Chicagoland area and is a company that lives up to its obligations, as well as its reputation.

Advantages of Working with Smart Elevators

  • Our Commitment to Excellent Service

  • Consistent Reliability

  • MBE/WBE/DBE/SBA 8(a) Certified

  • Certified Union Mechanics

  • Competitive Industry Pricing

  • Non-Proprietary Equipment Installation





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