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We have over a decade of experience servicing condominium property managers and board members throughout the Chicagoland area. We’re committed to the enhancement of your buildings and making sure your elevators are running safely and smoothly for you and your residents.


Elevator's are a vital way of transport especially for the ADA handicap who rely on elevators or lifts to get around. Also if you live on the 20th floor, then you might want to take an elevator than the stairs. 


Elevators are running daily in condo's Fun fact ":Every three days an elevator carries the equivalent of the earth's population.".​ As you can image that would wear on the elevator and it's parts out overtime.

Mod's and doing yearly code update's help keep your elevator running smoothly and functioning properly.


One of the services we provide is a Maintenance Agreement where we would come out and do monthly or Quarterly service on your elevator. Just like when you go to the doctor, well your elevator gets the same service. We try and catch damaged or bad parts before they become a real problem. 


Unlike Office's or Retail buildings Condo's are where you live your home. so having a company that is 24/7 is very vital, also we are very proud to say with SMART you will always get a human that will answer your call day or night, week days or weekends.

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